About MA-URI

MA-URI – Pathway to Freedom

In connection with MA-URI it is important to understand that the concepts such as healing, treatment and therapies belong to our modern reality. They were non-existent in the Polynesian languages, which reveals that they were not given emphasis or importance in those cultures. More than anything else, it was important to go inward and uncover the underlying reason of the illness. The main focus was to treat the deeper reason of the disease.

The combination of Hemi’s strong roots in Maori culture, his genetic connection with the ancestors and his ability to draw knowledge from the universal ‘database’ together with Katja’s spiritual access to the fount of knowledge made it possible to expand what in 1990 started out as a set of simple, basic massage techniques and principles of Hawaiian origin. A passionate desire to make the ancient knowledge and techniques accessible to people in our modern society of today inspired Hemi and Katja to combine their efforts and put all focus into the creation of a dynamic healing and training system that is now known as MA-URI Massage and Bodywork. In its present form, MA-URI possesses values and principles that honour its Polynesian origin and spiritual Source at the same time as it is adapting these to the focus, understanding and needs of modern society beyond specific cultural boundaries. This keeps it connected with the ancient traditions as well as with modern realities.

One part of MA-URI is concerned with the development of physical tools such as the massage, for instance, and a wide range of healing techniques that recognise and draw on the body’s inbuilt wisdom. MA-URI is further concerned with the development of a self-awareness and with the development of courage to choose change and dynamic growth. Last but not least, MA-URI is concerned with the development of skills and Visions that will benefit Mankind and the Earth.

MA-URI is for the whole personality not just for a group of muscles. It pampers our body and soul and gives us back the joy of existence. Thanks to the special techniques and energy work it is especially effective in stress release or in resolving and healing traumatic experiences of the past.

The purpose of MA-URI is to give people in modern day societies a chance to fulfill their Destinies and to live their Dreams. Thus MA-URI is a pathway to freedom.

We are far more than we think and we can become even more. Everybody is a miracle. Everybody is a mystery. We can affect our reality we can affect our environment, our relationships and our future. And we are responsible for all of them. But at the same time we are connected to everything. We are not alone.

What does MA-URI mean?

MA-URI is pronounced /ma-'uri/, i.e. with the stress on the second syllable and the two mid-vowels clearly separated. Translated into English the name MA-URI means ‘descendant or child of those who are free of inner limitations’ and ‘descendant/child of the white light’ – to give you two translations here that hold the most important basic meanings.

The name MA-URI was copyrighted by the Institute in 1996.

Source: The MA-URI Institute’s resource material on MA-URI. For further details see the Institute’s website www.ma-uri.org.